Planning Your Nice See?

Nice is at precisely the exact same time an elegant and hot city, vibrant, cheerful, joyful of its past and also its own independence. The city will surprise you with its own character, dynamism and its enthusiasm for culture and art.
Nice features a million surprises in store … its monuments, churches, churches, the footpaths that connect the surrounding hillside into the city centre, but also its museums, its artists, its own local crafts, its own globally famous gastronomy with its own unmistakable flavors of garlic, olive oil, and lavender, in addition to its own folklore …

It is going to also seduce you from the attractiveness of its areas, its distinctive mild, and its mild climate.

Nowadays it has grown into a stylish summer destination immortalized by painters and photographers such as Picasso and Doisneau.
Discover the charm and beauty of Nice, French Riviera throughout step one of your tour. Then stop in Eze, a village perched at a rocky summit for an exceptional setting, where you’ll have the opportunity to stop by the Fragonard perfume factory. Your day tour may finish in Monaco and Monte-Carlo and the fastuous surroundings that make them globally mythical places.

Best Time to Go to

But, think about visiting September or early October to take advantage of their less expensive hotel prices while the temperatures veer around the 20°C mark.

Just How Safe is Nice?
Nice is comparatively secure, but using a high density of wealthy tourists, it is worth being on the watch for pickpockets. Though rarely brutal, one worrying tendency is for thieves on bicycles to reach into ceased cars. This may be readily prevented by driving with all the windows keeping valuables out of sight, either or both. For the identical reason, do your best not to carry cameras and bags over the shoulder nearest to the street.


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