Animal Kingdom and Adventureland at Disney

The steaming jungles and crowded walkways of Adventureland are where mystery and excitement dwell. As sunlight battles to make its way through the dense foliage of this tropical wonderland, guests are surrounded by sights and sounds only read about in classic tales such as “The Swiss Family Robinson.” From the jungle comes a volley of sounds – the loud and obscene chatter of monkeys and apes; the majestic roar of a lion (known to the natives as simba); the slow and deliberate hiss of a python lying in wait. The colors of the jungle canvas are a plethora of greens, blues and earth tones, all blending together to create a breathtaking display of nature. The landscape is littered with ancient ruins, temples and even a small village where all types of curios may be found. To the brave of heart, Adventureland is the perfect place… to be headed!

As the sun set on this last Century and the dawn of the new Millennium began to rise across America, a new icon rose majestically against the Central Florida horizon: a massive tree, reaching nearly 150 feet into the sky, with hulking branches sporting thousands of bright green leaves. The Tree of Life stands as the glorious centerpiece for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World’s newest theme park, which opened in April of 1998. A complete working zoological conservation park, Animal Kingdom is awe-striking and utterly stunning in both size and detail. Intricate rockwork and thundering waterfalls compliment the rugged savannah and ancient Asian ruins that make up the many habitats for Animal Kingdom’s various creatures of all shapes and sizes. This park combines the beauty of nature and the magic of Walt Disney Imagineering to create a blend of natural wonder and man-made adventure. While zoological parks are not a new concept, Disney’s Animal Kingdom breaks the mold in all areas, from presentation to behind-the-scenes research and conservation efforts. Walt Disney may not have ever envisioned this unique addition to his Florida property. It’s safe to say however, that Animal Kingdom embodies everything that Walt Disney believed in: Innovation, experimentation, diversification and incredible pioneering spirit. Animal Kingdom is most certainly Disney’s greatest True Life Adventure.

The Animal Kingdom attraction guide lists and describes every attraction, dning location and shop in the park. All ratings are on a scale from 1 to 4, 4 being best. Attractions are rated relative to one another, so even a low rated Epcot attraction might be better than many attractions outside of Disney. Ratings are very subjective so please do not use them as your only criteria when planning your visit.

Animal Kingdom is divided into six areas:

The Oasis
Discovery Island
Camp Minnie-Mickey
Rafiki’s Planet Watch
Dinoland, USA

eresting views of the Magic Kingdom.